• Realising a sea of human potential

    At Driftwood Group, we’re putting the ‘HUMAN’ back in HR. Successful companies need a great culture, and a great culture needs exceptional people. It’s those people and your company we care about. Isn’t it time you explored new horizons?

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    We believe in the power of perfect fit – for a candidate to a role, a role to a candidate and both to a client’s workplace. Working with your organisation, we concentrate on defining your culture, allowing us to seek out the perfect individual for your situation and needs, maximising their potential and yours. This…

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    The definition of expert is changing – as individual focus narrows, it is increasingly critical to get the basics of team cohesion right. We believe in delivering HR services and advice customised to your organisations’ specific needs. Utilising specialists in their field, Driftwood Group draws on the best talent to assist you in realising your strategic…

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    Transitioning to a new job, promotion or career can be a daunting prospect. We offer a personalised and tailored career coaching service to assist individuals achieve their career goals. With knowledge of the current recruitment landscape we can help guide each person through the steps to stand out from the crowd and turn it from…

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    Yvonne Kelly

    Yvonne brings to Driftwood Group over 20 years of recruitment and strategic HR management experience, including over 10 years running a successful agency in Sydney (KISS Recruitment). She is passionate about the recruitment process and has developed a unique approach based around delivering a personalised professional service – with quality, honesty and transparency at its core. Plain sailing from an HR perspective.

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    Alex Kelly

    With a wealth of expertise from start-up to established workplace environments, Alex’s background in R&D Innovation, Economics and Project Management brings a focus on scope & delivery to Driftwood Group’s consultancy services. Providing clarity and efficiency, his strong technical skill combined with a lateral approach to problem-solving helps our clients negotiate the changing tide of modern HR strategy.

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    Petrina Shortt

    Petrina comes to Driftwood Group from a creative background with a strong interest in people, business and education. A professional globetrotter at heart and now based in the Middle East, she is our welcoming face in the region. With insider knowledge, on-the-ground experience and a fresh approach, Petrina can plot you a course through the shifting sands of HR from an Arabian perspective.

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    Senior Project Managers | Software Tech | Consulting | Professional Services

    1st November 2017

    If you’ve been working in the world of Project Management or IT Consulting and have the tech credentials to match, you’re in the right place. If you don’t stop till it’s over Don’t stop to surrender… Can you pick the song? Or are you already listening to it? Amazing how successful it became given it started in…

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    R&D Dairy Specialists | Process Engineers | Food Technologists

    2nd August 2017

    A Slice of Heaven Awaits… This high-tech APAC-located Specialist dairy manufacturer of functional food products has a range of gaps to fill – R&D, Process, Powder & Liquid, Food Safety. Fantastic opportunities across a spectrum of manufacturing NZ-based and Relocation packages available – live the lifestyle Excellent salaries, medical cover – and an innovative team…

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    Client Services Officer | Financial Planning | No Devils

    23rd June 2017

      Remember The Devil Wears Prada? Remember Emily (Blunt) chanting the mantra “I love my job, I love my job” over and over again to her shiny Mac computer? How about the look Meryl Streep gives Anne Hathaway when she first interviews for the job of assistant…! [Queue eye-rolling] You know what else is filled…

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