Driftwood Group

Recruitment through personalisation, Human Resources through consultation, and Coaching one-on-one to help people realise their potential.

We connect clients to solutions in a unique way – whether it’s funding, resourcing, connections, collaboration, customers, technology or restructuring. We connect candidates with their future, helping them transform the world around them.

Meet the team

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Yvonne Kelly


Born in Ireland then transported to Australia (in an airline, not as a Convict!), I’ve been around great people all my life. It was clear that Human Resources was a way to bring those great people together to achieve amazing work.

Relationships and personal connections, experiences, stories and collaborations are at the very heart of Irish culture, and I want that to be true globally. All those things are the core of Driftwood Group. Helping people, connecting them and fostering a sense of engagement, of work-life-balance.

While the 21st Century appreciation of corporate culture is beautiful to see, it can sometimes be a bit of a grey area – so that’s where I can help.

We Irish know a thing or two about fog…

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Alex Kelly


Always a techie, I remember learning to type on a typewriter, then throwing it out when we got an Apple 2+. Programming PONG in Basic, then mastering Castle Wolfenstein on the C64…mixing stuff in my first chemistry set, then developing life-changing medicines in the Pharma & Biotech Sector.

Haven’t we all come a long way, in a very short time…VR, da Vinci Surgery, AI and Personalised Medicine…Mars on the horizon.

Now I help connect people to continue this human quest for improvement.