Transitioning to a new job, promotion or career can be a daunting prospect.

We offer personalised Career Coaching and Outplacement services to assist individuals achieve their career goals.

Career Coaching

Our one-hour customised sessions revamp your personal brand and elevate your competitive advantage. Whether you’re new to the market or looking to change up a gear, we can help with Resumes, Career Assessment, Online Presence, LinkedIn Profile, Cover Letters, Interviewing and much more. These can be done face to face or via Video Call. 


The Driftwood Group Outplacement Program is comprehensive, one-on-one and customised to every individual – a high-touch solution for employee transition. We provide assistance and support to the organisation and employee along the journey from being informed of the decision through to finding a new role. With a team of highly qualified Coaches internationally to deliver our proprietary tools, we help people expand their career horizon.

Coach Partnership

Driftwood Group is a proud partner of eCoach

We use it to create and share amazing learning content – check it out by clicking the link.